About Me

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for all things technology related. Crawling to sockets before I could walk lead to getting into electronics by the age of four. Later, from running server farms under my bed using components donated by friends and family to developing web applications, I started learning about IT when I was around eight years old. Everything I know is entirely self-taught - I’ve always loved nothing more than a challenge, and find a hands-on approach to be an incredibly satisfying way of learning new skills and growing existing knowledge.

Now in my twenties, I live in South Wales with my wife and young child. Since graduating from university, I’ve been working for Concrete Canvas, first as their IT & Systems Engineer and more recently as the Information & Systems Manager. My work is incredibly varied - it’s one of the things I love most about my job - from developing new software for the company to managing servers and implementing new technologies, no two days are the same.

My specific interests lie in Linux, open source, self-hosting, computer networking and web application development. I host many services from home (no longer from a server farm under my bed though!), finding it an excellent way to keep my knowledge up-to-date and experiment with new ideas. Self-hosting also aligns well with my advocation for greater decentralisation of the Internet and greater privacy. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying knowing that all my internet infrastructure is within my complete control!

Outside of work, I’m very busy with my family! Aside from pursuing my IT interests, I also spend time walking, cycling, listing to and making music, as well as DIY. I’m an active member of a local church, where I regularly serve on the sound/production team and play bass in the worship band.

My aim for this website is two fold: firstly, it’ll serve as a place for me to document my endeavours, primarily within IT but also occasionally my other interests too. Secondly, my hope is that this information might be of use to you, the reader, if you’re attempting similar goals. Whilst I’m definitely not an expert in everything I post here, I do hope that my experiences and knowledge gained might also be of use to others.

So, please have a browse, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to.